Alberta Bone & Joint Health Registry

The Alberta Bone and Joint Health Registry (‘ABJHR’) will support innovation and research
to help find new ways to deliver better health care for Albertans with bone and joint disorders

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What is the Registry?

ABJHI is developing a data platform that will integrate bone and joint health data from across the spectrum of care providers - doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, pharmacists, and patients themselves. The ABJHR will help advance research, create knowledge and innovations that will improve Albertans’ quality of life, health and function. This will help researchers and care providers to understanding bone and joint health in a way that no system in the world can provide.

The ABJHR will be developed in modules, starting with shoulder care. ABJHI plans to have the full, comprehensive ABJHR launched by spring 2025.

ABJHI’s Alberta Bone and Joint Health Registry will be:

  • Comprehensive

    Encompassing the public sector, private sector and voluntary participants

  • Longitudinal

    Long-term monitoring of bone and joint diseases and conditions over time

  • Structured

    Data from the entire patient experience

  • Secure

    Protected and anonymized in compliance with federal and provincial data privacy regulations

  • Accessible

    Anonymized data, findings and reports for researchers, clinicians, planners, patients, and industry stakeholders

The ABJHR will be transparent in processes for data acquisition, security, privacy and governance.

An expression of interest was completed in January 2019 which led to appointment of two Clinical Champions to provide guidance, insight and support of the ABJHR. Dr. David Sheps is the Northern Clinical Champion, and Dr. Raj Sharma is the Southern Clinical Champion.

    An expression of interest was completed in January 2019 for the Governance Committee. The Governance Committee will oversee the development of key operating processes and policies for the ABJHR. Membership includes patients, researchers, physiotherapists, physicians (including family medicine and orthopaedic surgery), a chiropractor, a Bone and Joint Health Strategic Clinical Network representative, and one of the ABJHI Executive team. The ABJHR Governance Committee will be chaired by a patient, Mr. Murray Smith, from Calgary.
    An expression of interest was completed in January 2019 for the Shoulder Expert Group, who will initially determine scope of the shoulder module and the minimum dataset. Following module launch, the group will oversee annual reports on shoulder conditions and research conducted on shoulder conditions. The Shoulder Expert Group includes sports medicine physicians, physiotherapists, an athletic therapist, an orthopaedic surgeon, a radiologist, a massage therapist, and a patient representative. The group will be chaired by an Edmonton sport medicine physician, Dr. Terry DeFreitas.