Our Partners

ABJHI works closely with partners in the healthcare system, researchers, and independent organizations to identify service delivery improvements that provide better patient care for Albertans with bone and joint health issues.

Our partners make possible a wide array of data-centric services: innovative measurement tools and frameworks, continuous quality improvement reporting, mathematical modeling, best-evidence care paths, collaborative partnerships, and innovative research. These relationships enable ABJHI not only to sustain our commitment to improving patient-centred bone and joint care to the best standard in the world, but to continue to be innovators.

Partners Towards Better Health

ABJHI collaborates with numerous organizations across Alberta and Canada such as: Alberta Health Services, the Bone and Joint Health Strategic Clinical Network, Covenant Health, the McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health, the University of Alberta, the University of Calgary, Edmonton Bone and Joint Centre, the Alberta Hip and Knee Clinic, Chinook Bone and Joint Clinic, Central Alberta Orthopedics, the Alberta Orthopedic Society, Collaborative Orthopedic Research, Alberta Innovates, the Alberta Medical Association, the Canadian Institute For Health Information, Bone and Joint Canada, the Arthritis Alliance of Canada, Osteoporosis Canada, and many more.




A Special Partnership

ABJHI, the Bone and Joint Health Strategic Clinical Network (BJH SCN) and the McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health (McCaig Institute) are working together to prevent bone and joint disease and to ensure Albertans receive world-leading bone and joint care.

The McCaig Institute conducts ground-breaking research to improve prevention and treatment of debilitating bone and joint diseases and conditions. ABJHI designs innovative, high-quality bone and joint health care services and evaluates the impact of the services on patient outcomes and health system efficiency. The BJH SCN devises creative strategies to move health care services quickly from the design phase to delivery in the population.

The three are intrinsically linked, sharing valuable information to further their work. McCaig Institute's research outcomes are among the sources of evidence ABJHI uses to design services. In turn, ABJHI makes its service evaluation results available to McCaig researchers for opportunities to further advance their work. The BJH SCN ensures Albertans benefit fully from the work of both organizations.


Our Vision

Better Bones, Better Joints, Better Being.

Our Mission

Be a source of truth for improving bone and joint health of Albertans through collaboration with patients, clinical professionals, researchers, healthcare professionals and government.