ABJHI Helping BJH SCN Expand Program to Make First Hip Fracture the Last

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Alberta’s Bone and Joint Health Strategic Clinical Network (BJH SCN) is expanding a program for preventing a second fracture in hip fracture patients who have osteoporosis (OP). Expansion of the program, called Fracture Liaison Services (FLS), is being managed by Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute for the network.

Hip fracture patients are enrolled in FLS following release from hospital and assigned a dedicated care team comprising a nurse and care-of-the-elderly physician. The team prescribes diagnostics and treatment for OP, such as bone mineral density tests, therapeutics and exercise. Each patient is also assessed for geriatric-related medical conditions that may be contributing to falls and hospital admissions.

The team follows each patient for one year and provides the patient’s family physician with regular updates about the therapy being used and the results. After one year, the patient is transferred to the family physician for continued management of OP.

The BJH SCN launched the program with ABJHI’s help in June 2015 at Edmonton’s Misericordia Hospital. It was expanded just five months later to Peter Lougheed Centre in Calgary and will be introduced in more locations around the province in 2015.

Visit the New Web Page for Fracture Liaison Services

The BJH SCN has launched a web page making its Hip Fracture Care Pathway toolkit available to the public and health care professionals. The toolkit includes tips on preventing hip fracture, and the latest tools and resources, including surgery and post-surgery care paths. Among the resources available to patients are posters illustrating precautions that must be taken following surgery to avoid injuring the repaired hip.