Alberta’s Hip Fracture Prevention and Treatment Programs Showcased at IHI Conference

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Storyboard showcases Alberta's highly successful programs to prevent and treat hip fracture

Storyboard showcases Alberta’s highly successful programs to prevent and treat hip fracture

A storyboard outlining Alberta’s multifaceted effort to prevent hip fractures and restore quality of life to those who fracture their hip is being showcased at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s 28th Annual National Forum on health care improvement.

The storyboard describes Catch a Break, a program for detecting and treating osteoporosis in people who have had a minor fracture, and Fracture Liaison Services, a program to restore quality of life to hip fracture patients and prevent another hip fracture. Both programs were launched by Alberta’s Bone and Joint Health Strategic Clinical Network. They are being coordinated across the province by ABJHI.

The IHI forum runs from Dec. 4 to 7 in Orlando, Florida, giving Catch a Break and Fracture Liaison Services their first exposure to an international audience.

The programs have yielded impressive results. Almost 13,000 Albertans who had a minor fracture indicative of osteoporosis were screened for the disease from December 2014, when Catch a Break was launched, through May 2016 (period reported in the storyboard). More than 9,000 were deemed high risk for osteoporosis and hip fracture. They were referred to their primary care doctor for ongoing osteoporosis treatment and fracture prevention.

Fracture Liaison Services has produced significant improvements in access to hip repair surgery and outcomes for patients. In the 12 months following the program’s launch in June 2015 (period reported in the storyboard), 89% of hip fracture patients had surgery within the critical first 48 hours, up from 77%, and 41% were discharged on osteoporosis medication, up from 6%. Importantly, 84% returned to their previous living environment, up from 77%. Fracture Liaison Services has been launched at Misericordia Hospital in Edmonton, Peter Lougheed Hospital in Calgary, and Red Deer Regional Hospital. Further expansion is coming in 2017. (Click on storyboard to enlarge it.)