ABJHI Positioned for Expanded Service Role with Change in Organizational Structure

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On behalf of the Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute (ABJHI), I am excited to announce a change in our organizational structure that positions ABJHI for continued success into the future.

Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith

Liz Evens

Effective immediately, our management team will transition to a dyad leadership by appointing Christopher Smith as the Director of Operations (Technical) and Liz Evens as the Director of Operations (Administrative).

Christopher has played a vital role in the success of ABJHI over the years, but as the role of the Institute broadens and the demands on our data infrastructure correspondingly grow, he will need support so that we can continue to provide our partners with the high level of service that they deserve.  Christopher will continue to lead and expand the data analytics and data infrastructure within ABJHI, and Liz will provide leadership in operations through our project management and administrative teams.

We are making this change to ensure ABJHI is well positioned to expand its expertise into new and exciting areas in bone and joint health, such as conservative management of osteoarthritis. Working together with Alberta Health Services’ Bone and Joint Health Strategic Clinical Network (BJH SCN), frontline staff, and clinicians, ABJHI has provided integral data analytics, project management, and research support that has led to significant improvement in the quality of care provided to patients in Alberta with certain musculoskeletal conditions.  Because of this success, ABJHI welcomes the growing desire from clinicians, researchers, and the BJH SCN to expand our services and influences into other bone and joint-related diseases.

We recognize that one major driver for the success to date has been the synergy of integrating sophisticated data analytics with experienced change management expertise.  To successfully expand into the future, we are putting a more structured focus on the technical and operational components within our organization that support the strategic vision of ABJHI and our stakeholders, and this change reflects our commitment to continued excellence in these critical areas.

We will continue to evolve the existing BJH SCN projects into sustainable and impactful programs, and are working with the BJH SCN to ensure that all of Liz’s current responsibilities are properly transitioned and that the excellent work of the Fragility and Stability program will continue uninterrupted.

I am very confident that these changes will position ABJHI for continued success and future growth.

Martin Ferguson-Pell
Executive Director