ABJHI’s Chief Medical Advisor Appointed Alberta’s First Health Council of Canada Representative

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Dr. Cy Frank, ABJHI’s Chief Medical Advisor, has been appointed by the Alberta government as its representative on the Health Council of Canada. He is the province’s first representative on the council, which was formed to monitor and report on the progress of health care renewal in Canada.

“Dr. Frank’s credentials, international experience and reputation make him an excellent choice to represent Alberta and I believe he will provide tremendous insight into the work of the Council,” Fred Horne, Alberta’s Health Minister, said.

Dr. Frank’s appointment was effective Feb. 14, 2013.

“Having Dr. Frank at the table with his far-reaching experience and insight into Alberta’s system will undeniably enhance the Council’s ability to report on health care renewal within Canada,” said Dr. Jack Kitts, Chair of the Health Council of Canada. “As we continue to add new content to our Health Innovation Portal, we look forward to Dr. Frank’s ideas on innovative practices taking place right here in Alberta, across the country and internationally.”

As councillor, Dr. Frank will report on provincial health accords, identify best practices in policy and program delivery from the different health systems across the country, and inform Canadians about major health issues.

“There’s a lot of innovation in the health field taking place right here in Alberta and I look forward to sharing that with the Council,” Dr. Frank said.

The Health Council of Canada is led by 12 councillors appointed by participating provincial and territorial governments and the federal government as well as one ex-officio councillor.