Learning Collaborative for Frontline Health Professionals

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Frontline health care professionals from across Alberta will gather in Edmonton on October 20 to learn about a new funding model that will reduce the wide variability in the cost of elective hip and knee replacements while maintaining a focus on continuous improvement in the quality of care. The gathering, called a Learning Collaborative, is organized by Alberta Health Services’ Bone and Joint Health Strategic Clinical Network (BJH SCN) with support from ABJHI.

In addition to the funding model, known as Joint Accountability, participants will learn about anaesthesia protocols, smoking cessation for patients, and GLA:D in Canada, an education and exercise program to delay the progression of osteoarthritis in the knees and hips. Joint Accountability will be implemented in spring 2017.

ABJHI and the BJH SCN have been using the Learning Collaborative methodology since 2010. It has become a key methodology for engaging a broad spectrum of stakeholders in programs to improve the quality of care for hip and knee replacement patients. Participants are from hospitals and hip and knee clinics across Alberta. They include nurses, physicians, therapists, managers and others on the front lines of care.

Participants at the Learning Collaborative in January 2016

Participants at the Learning Collaborative in January 2016