Researchers Seek Volunteers for Study of 3D Imaging to Predict Hip Fracture

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McCaig Institute researchers need volunteers to participate in a study to determine whether 3D medical imaging of bone at the wrist and ankle can be used to predict vulnerability to a fragility fracture of the hip. A fragility fracture occurs from a minor fall or stumble and is caused by osteoporosis (OP), which makes bones thin and fragile.

Researchers aim to show how non-invasive 3D imaging can be used to measure bone strength with high accuracy and prevent a hip fracture.

Enhanced x-ray technology, the most commonly used tool for detecting OP, fails to identify the disease in up to 80% of women and 90% of men who have a fragility hip fracture.

If you are healthy, over the age of 65, have not had a hip fracture and are interested in participating, contact the Bone Imaging Lab at the University of Calgary at 403-220-4544 or Total time commitment is approximately an hour and a half.

The study will also recruit 200 hip fracture patients from Fracture Liaison Services (FLS), a provincial program to help hip fracture patients regain their quality of life and prevent another hip fracture. FLS is a program of the Bone and Joint Health Strategic Clinical Network and is being coordinated across Alberta by ABJHI.

Read more about participating.