Workshop for ‘Managing Bone Health in Older Adults’

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The Bone and Joint Health Strategic Clinical Network (BJH SCN) and the STOP-Fracture Research Team will deliver a workshop entitled ‘Managing Bone Health in Older Adults’ on April 29, 2019, on appropriate bone health care and secondary fracture prevention programs in Alberta.

This workshop is directed towards all healthcare providers and administrators who manage patients at risk for fragility fracture. Participants can join this workshop remotely and will have an opportunity to ask questions during and after the presentations.

This initiative will focus on two of the BJH SCN Fragility and Stability programs: Catch a Break and Hip Fracture Liaison Service. This work was funded through a Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Health System (PRIHS) research grant.

The morning session will start with an interactive discussion about ‘Care Gaps in Secondary Fracture Prevention’ with international, national, and local experts in osteoporosis care and secondary fracture prevention. Much of this discussion will focus on appropriate bone health education and management.

This session will be followed by a presentation of the STOP-Fracture research study, which evaluated both the ‘Catch a Break’ and ‘Hip Fracture Liaison Service’ programs in Alberta: their effectiveness, cost-effectiveness as well as the perception of these programs by both patients and providers.

Both group and individual participants are invited to attend.  To register for this online event, complete this form. On receipt of your registration, you will be provided with the webinar link and further connection instructions.

9:45am-10:00amWelcome and PRIHS Overview: Lauren Beaupre
10:00am-10:10amSpeaker Introductions/Perspectives: Kassim Javaid,
MD, PhD (IOF/ FFN); Ravi Jain (Ontario Osteoporosis
Dave Hanley, MD (Calgary Osteoporosis specialist); 
Rhona McGlasson, PT MBA (Bone & Joint Canada)
10:10am-10:50amPanel Discussion: Ongoing Care Gaps in Osteoporosis
Management and Secondary Fracture Prevention
10:50am-11:00amInteractive Discussions among presenters and
local/remote attendees
11:00am-11:20amBio Break and Networking
11:20am-12:00pmSTOP-Fracture Results (Lauren Beaupre): Catch a
Break; Hip Fracture Liaison Service; C-STOP
Randomized Trial
12:00pm-12:10pmInteractive Discussions among presenters and
local/remote attendees