Patient Surveys

ABJHI works with bone and joint care professionals across the province to collect survey responses relating to your bone and joint care. Your responses to these surveys help your care team to monitor your function and quality of life, and to ensure that you have a positive experience.

Hip & Knee Replacement

Complete the surveys below if directed to by your hip and knee care provider.

Please indicate where you are in your journey for your hip or knee replacement:

This will be my first visit for this problem

I had surgery about 6 weeks ago

I had surgery about 3 months ago

I had surgery about a year ago

Clicking a button above will take you to a secure survey site hosted at the University of Alberta.

NOTE: Your information is collected by the Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute on behalf of your surgeon, under agreement with your surgeon, and is kept in the strictest confidence. Your answers will be shared only with your surgeon and their care team. Your answers will be combined with those from all other patients to monitor effectiveness of the care being delivered in the province.

If you have any questions about the privacy protection of your information, please contact us by email.