Wait Times for Hip and Knee Replacement

ABJHI does not provide direct patient services or care, or advice directly to patients. We partner with clinicians, managers, policymakers, patient advisors, and researchers on improving quality bone and joint health care based on best practices.

Below are the provincial wait times for hip and knee replacements that ABJHI recurrently reports on in partnership with the hip and knee clinics and Alberta Health Services.

With joint replacements, we measure two different “waiting” periods:

  1. the wait for the surgeon consult, and
  2. the wait to receive surgery.

These are not passive waiting periods, since treatments and preparation for care are often delivered in this time.

There are several ways to describe waiting times; we use the following:

  • LONGEST 10%: (also called the 90th percentile) captures the point at which 90 percent of people received service. It describes the upper limit of time that one can expect to wait.
  • AVERAGE: mathematical mean; describes the typical wait one can expect.
  • SHORTEST 25%: the point at which the fastest quarter of people received service. This describes the quickest one can expect to wait.

NOTE: The results below include shutdowns and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and should not be interpreted to reflect typical wait times and procedure volumes.

Wait for Surgeon Consult

The wait for consult begins on the day that the surgeon's office received the referral. All results are reported in weeks.

Wait for Consult (weeks)OCT-DEC 2019JAN-MAR 2020APR-JUN 2020JUL-SEP 2020OCT-DEC 2020
Longest 10% (90th Percentile)59.758.157.964.067.9
Shortest 25%15.013.922.312.414.9
Surgeon Consults (#)25042463209215542357

Wait for Surgery

The wait for surgery begins on the day that the patient and doctor decide to proceed to surgery. All results are reported in weeks.

Wait for Hip Surgery (weeks)JUL-SEP 2019OCT-DEC 2019JAN-MAR 2020APR-JUN 2020JUL-SEP 2020
Longest 10% (90th Percentile)44.748.451.456.962.1
Shortest 25%15.113.913.120.020.5
Surgeries (#)102711149743221045
Wait for Knee Surgery (weeks)JUL-SEP 2019OCT-DEC 2019JAN-MAR 2020APR-JUN 2020JUL-SEP 2020
Longest 10% (90th Percentile)54.760.360.865.173.3
Shortest 25%17.317.717.026.926.6
Surgeries (#)1367144613583661552