Up to One's Knee

We need your help to raise $300,000 to develop the second module of the MAP to MOTION directed at advancing research, learning, and innovation around knee conditions.

Data is a crucial element for enabling and empowering improvements. For over 15 years, we’ve operated a bone and joint data repository that acts as a source of truth behind health care practices, utilization, and outcomes around bone and joint health.

Improvements to the health of Albertans faces a major roadblock. There’s a gap in information between the public health system, community health providers, and health at home.

With the help of donors like you, we’re making a strategic investment in prioritizing research, learning, and innovation of bone and joint health. The Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute is uniquely positioned to build a comprehensive map of bone and joint health through a first-of-its-kind information platform.

Motion is universal.
Motion is unique.

It’s being top in your sport.
It’s biking with friends.
It's kneeling in prayer.
It’s taking your kids to the park.
It's bending over at the jobsite.
It’s walking to the mailbox.
It’s rolling over in bed.
It’s standing to brush your teeth.

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With data, we can empower change

Bone and joint health is motion. Everyday 4.3 million Albertans are moving and being active as they go about their days. That’s 4.3 million people managing their bone and joint health daily. Yet, for many, their journeys are a tangled web of unproven or ineffective treatments, and complex navigation through the health care system. On top of that, the reliance on fee-for-service treatments is leading to health disparities.

Together, we can empower people to understand and manage their conditions. We can enable care providers to work smarter, not harder. And we can help researchers more easily discover treatments and translate knowledge.

The MAP to MOTION Governance Committee selected ‘Knee’ as the second module. As a weight-bearing joint, conditions in the knee are common and not only painful, but disabling. Specialist waiting lists are currently very long, those waiting for surgery are struggling, and little is known about those seeking treatment privately.

Clinical leaders, researchers, and innovators are taking action to tackle health system barriers causing Albertans to suffer.

We need your help to support them.


An information platform centered around bone and joint health

Driven by our vision of improved patient care, we have the ability to build a map across the seemingly immovable barriers of the complex health care system. With help from the community, we can fill gaps in information along an Albertan’s care journey and provide a trusted source of information that will empower research, learning, and innovation.

This isn’t about one condition. The scope of the problem touches across all the 200 different bone and joint conditions impacting Albertans and their families. But the information needs to be collected in a structured, clinically-significant way to have the greatest impact. The approach we’re taking is to frame clinical knowledge from these different conditions into modules. Each module primarily features a specific part of the body (e.g shoulder, knee). This modular framework is the basis for innovation and research that will come from the MAP to MOTION.

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