ABJHI Launches Motion-Evoking Logo as Part of Evolution and Strengthening of Brand

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Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute today launched a motion-evoking logo using a combination mark with icon and text, marking a dramatic transformation of its visual identity.

The icon uses sweeping curved lines to suggest a free-flowing human figure containing discreet depictions of bones and joints. The figure is accentuated by an arc of discs conveying fluidity of movement. The institute’s name is set in a serif typeface whose letter extensions complement the icon’s flowing lines. ABJHI’s signature blue colour palette is retained but a gradient is introduced.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of our logo as part of the evolution and strengthening of ABJHI’s brand,” Martin Ferguson-Pell, ABJHI’s Executive Director, said.

“The ABJHI wordmark with its layers of words and cleverly subtle use of negative space to create a visual representation of a joint, has served us well since our beginnings in 2004. But we have grown and evolved since then.

“Our new visual identity more accurately reflects what we do and who we are today, and represents the dynamic future and exciting prospects ahead,” Dr. Ferguson-Pell said. “It replaces the wordmark’s mechanical depiction with a combination mark that evokes motion with its use of flowing lines to suggest fluid movement. This change is a powerful message that our brand is not about joint structure. It is about identifying ABJHI with continuous improvement in treatment and prevention of bone and joint disorders.”

Dr. Ferguson-Pell said the change strengthens the legacy of Dr. Cy Frank who was instrumental in founding ABJHI with the support of industrialist and philanthropist J.R. “Bud” McCaig. “Dr. Frank believed resolutely that medicine and medical research must above all be in the interest of improving patient outcomes and that evidence must form the basis for medical decisions.

“Our new visual identity reflects the progress we have made since ABJHI’s launch as an institute that could use its influence to turn the results of research into better practice in treating and preventing bone and joint disease.” A crucial aspect of this progress has been the lasting partnerships ABJHI has developed with the McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health, a world-class research institute, and the Bone and Joint Health Strategic Clinical Network (BJH SCN), which serves as Alberta Health Services’ primary vehicle for improving the delivery of health care and promoting disease prevention.

With the launch of its the new logo, ABJHI has updated collateral materials including business cards, letterhead and report and presentation templates. Its website, www.abjhi.com, is undergoing a redesign.

Current Work

Bone and joint disorders are the number one cause of disability in Canada and the rate of osteoarthritis, the cause of almost all hip and knee replacements, is growing at an alarming rate. ABJHI is currently coordinating the efforts of health care professionals, researchers and administrators across Alberta to improve care and outcomes in hip and knee replacements, inflammatory arthritis and hip fracture, and to prevent hip fracture through programs sponsored by the BJH SCN.

ABJHI is also conducting research to determine the link between obesity and the progression of osteoarthritis (OA) in the hips and knees and on additional health risks obese patients face following joint replacement. In addition, ABJHI is building the only data registry in Canada that collects information along the patient journey from referral to treatment and long-term follow-up, and making the data available for research.