Research Intake

Since 2004, ABJHI has been a trusted partner in bone and joint health research—studying health systems delivery, analyzing data, and supporting implementation to improve health outcomes for Albertans with bone and joint conditions.

As ABJHI expands its role in evaluating and improving bone and joint health care and outcomes, its services are being expanded through research and research support. This includes providing data, trainees and working closely with both clinical and academic professionals. By supporting areas of need for urgent seminal knowledge, ABJHI and its partners will intensify research efforts that help inform effective strategies in improving patient health across Alberta.

Research Priorities

Data custodians of the ABJHI data repository may request their own data at any time, apart from the intake process. If the custodian wishes to link their data with data from other custodians, or have analysis completed for their data, the request will proceed through the research intake process.


ABJHI may respond to research requests for feasibility, providing up to 2 hours of complimentary initial project discussion and/or exploration into ABJHI’s data repository. Research inquiries can be sent to Through this process, ABJHI can also provide letters of support for securing grant and funding support from other agencies prior to a research application.


It is vital that ABJHI manages its resources so that research projects undertaken are properly resourced and achieve highest standards of excellence. The research intake process is centered around ABJHI services including study design, study management, data collection, data measurement and interpretation, and results reporting. Intended partners must submit an application and accompanying fee. If the project is approved, ABJHI will prepare a quote for expected reimbursement of services prior to proceeding with any work.

Research Application