Research Application

As part of the ABJHI research intake process, a research application must be submitted.

ABJHI welcomes research applications for data extracts and/or to collaborate on research projects focusing on musculoskeletal health.

Alberta Bone and Joint Health Data Repository

The ABJHI Data Repository contains data on bone and joint health patients from multiple custodians (AHS and physicians).

ABJHI use of the data repository must abide by the following: Health Information Act; Affiliation agreements between ABJHI and custodians; AHS Privacy Standard for non-identifying health information/ IPO-2013-0004.

Data custodians of the ABJHI data repository may request their own data at any time, apart from the intake process. If the custodian wishes to link their data with data from other custodians, or have analysis completed for their data, the request will proceed through the research intake process.

Consultation Service

Research Priorities

Health System Design and Change Management
» Centralized Intake
» Multi-disciplinary Assessment
» Referral Management
» Current State
» Care Pathways

Personalized Medicine
» Shared Decision Making
» Self-Management
» Appropriateness

Remote Assessment/eHealth

Data extraction requests are not required to fit within the priority areas, whereas, requests for analytic and/or project management services must. Research priorities are intended to define areas of need for urgent seminal knowledge. Through this prioritized approach, ABJHI can intensify research efforts that help inform effective strategies in improving patient health across Alberta. At the same time, we maintain the flexibility to respond to emerging needs and to consider the merits of individual projects that may contribute to other worthwhile goals.


1. Submit

  • Complete application form below—all research projects must be ethically approved*.
  • Remit application fee of $500 online or by cheque payable to Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute. Review of application will begin when payment is received.

*An FAQ document on ABJHI data processes has been prepared to assistant applicants in filling out required information for REB applications. The document is available upon request.

2. Application

  • ABJHI contacts the applicant if any information is missing or requires clarification.
  • ABJHI conducts a review of the proposed research to determine completeness, fit with priorities, and required resources.
  • ABJHI’s Research Advisory Committee Executive are engaged for their expert council if the scientific merits or approach of a project are unclear.

3. Decision

  • A decision is returned to the applicant within two weeks of ABJHI receiving the completed form and payment.
  • If approved, the applicant receives a Conditional Acceptance Package including: a decision letter, a research data use agreement, and a proposed budget.
  • If the request is not approved, the applicant is notified of the reason for the decision. 

ABJHI accepts PayPal or cheque. After submitting the application form below, you will be automatically taken to PayPal to process payment of the application fee. Alternatively, you can mail a cheque payable to Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute to the address below:

Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute
316, 400 Crowfoot Crescent NW
Calgary, AB T3G 5H6

Application Form

    1. Primary Contact

    The primary contact is the person to whom all questions about the application will be directed.

    Name (required):
    E-Mail (required):
    Phone Number:
    Mailing Address:

    2. Principal Investigator

    If the Principal Investigator is same as Primary Contact you may leave these fields blank, otherwise specify below.

    Phone Number:
    Mailing Address:

    3. Study Team

    Please describe any co-investigators, students, etc., including names and title/roles (required):

    Please describe any other partnerships (Strategic Clinical Networks, universities, industry, collaborators), including names and title/roles of collaborators (required):

    4. Ethics Approval Letter and Ethics Application

    Attach copy of approval letter (required at time of application)(max size: 5 MB):

    Attach copy of ethics application (required at time of application)(max size: 5 MB):

    Note: If the ethics application includes all components listed under Section 5 and 6 below, you are not required to fill out these sections.

    5. Project Description

    Project Title:
    Lay Abstract or Rationale:
    Briefly describe your project in plain language so a lay reader with no experience in your research area will understand (250 words/2000 characters)

    Research Question(s):

    i. Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

    ii. Procedure:

    iii. Variables of Interest (data elements required):

    iv. Anticipated Analyses:

    v. Timeline:

    6. Study Protocol

    Attach copy of protocol letter (required at time of application)(max size: 5 MB):

    7. Services Required from ABJHI

    Requested Service(s): (check all that apply)

    Requested Resource(s): (check all that apply)

    8. Alignment with ABJHI Research Priorities

    Briefly describe how the proposed research project aligns with the ABJHI mandate and research priorities.

    A copy of the submitted application will be emailed to you for your records. After you submit the form, please submit the application fee (via PayPal or cheque).