NEWS RELEASE – ABJHI Welcomes Funding From TD Bank Group to Launch Information Platform on Bone and Joint Conditions

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CALGARY , AB (January 31, 2023) — The Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute (ABJHI) welcomes $250,000 in funds from TD Bank Group (TD) towards the new information platform centered around bone and joint health—the MAP to MOTION. The funds are helping to provide a trusted source of information to empower research, learning, and innovation for bone and joint health in Alberta.

“ABJHI is pleased to receive TD’s support in helping to fill gaps in information along an Albertan’s care journey with a bone or joint condition,” said Martin Ferguson-Pell, Executive Director of ABJHI. “Health system barriers are causing Albertans to suffer and ABJHI is working closely with clinical leaders, researchers, and innovators to take action. Knowledge gained in the MAP to MOTION will greatly improve the success of treatments, care provider and participant planned responses, and long-term sustainability of the health care system.”

Demand for bone and joint health care services is growing year over year and technology is currently an underused resource. The MAP to MOTION will leverage technology to gather information and provide more effective solutions for anyone with a bone or joint condition.

“We’re proud to provide the ABJHI with a $250,000 donation toward the MAP to MOTION,” said Robert Ghazal, TD senior vice president for branch banking in the Prairie Region. “This initiative is well aligned with our goal through the TD Ready Commitment, the Bank’s corporate citizenship platform, of supporting innovative research, solutions and technology that improve access to care and create more equitable health outcomes for Albertans.”

ABJHI sees a need to amplify the exchange of information between participants, care providers, and researchers.

“For starters, improving the screening process for bone and joint conditions will lead to quicker diagnosis, earlier interventions, improved access to education, and hopefully a reduction in severity and healing time,” said Christopher Smith, Director of Operations (Technical) at ABJHI.

A growing list of community partners have stepped forward to help address the 200 bone and joint conditions impacting Albertans. The University Hospital Foundation was instrumental in bringing TD and ABJHI together to raise the $250,000 in funding for the MAP to MOTION. 

“Cutting-edge programs like MAP to MOTION will set a new standard for the care of joint health in Alberta by allowing healthcare providers access to vital information needed to create innovative solutions and improve patient care. We are excited by the transformative potential of this program and deeply grateful for the generosity of donors to the University Hospital Foundation. It is their support that allows us to pursue our purpose in igniting new discoveries in health through forging partnerships like this one.” Said Dr. Jodi L. Abbott, University Hospital Foundation President and CEO.

About The MAP to MOTION

The MAP to MOTION is an information platform centered around bone and joint health. A modular framework featuring specific parts of the body (e.g. shoulder, knee) is the basis for innovation and research that will come from the MAP to MOTION. Digital tools will channel the latest health concepts and technologies from researchers and innovators into actionable information for participants. Researchers can carry out studies with participants directly through the information platform.

The information platform currently features a module on shoulder conditions. People having shoulder problems are encouraged to enrol at

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