Mapping the Way to a Healthier Population

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The past few months have been unprecedented, yet it has been inspiring and encouraging to see how Albertans have adapted to their new norms and stayed connected with friends, family and loves ones to support good health and wellbeing for our entire community.

Thanks to a few generous donations from impassioned community members, we’re eagerly underway in building the groundwork for MAP to MOTION, an innovative bone and joint information hub. The information hub sets the framework for the vast integration of health data, that will tie together existing electronic health records with new bone and joint information aimed at filling in knowledge gaps and bridging the divide between hospital- and community-generated data. This fall, ABJHI is delving deep into the technical specifications of the information hub and the first of many modules that will target bone and joint conditions impacting Albertans.

Guidance and leadership for MAP to MOTION is being provided through a Governance Committee formed of clinicians, researchers and patients. Murray Smith, chair of the committee and patient representative, believes the initiative will be an important part of a ‘grand awakening’ for patients and their health. “An educated population is always a healthier population. MAP to MOTION is an opportunity to use data in an innovative, new way, and for patients to learn that they are not alone in their condition.”

Technology in health care opens the door for better education, greater connectivity, and more patient involvement. It’s clear that health professionals were hard pressed to urgently adjust business practices as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded this year. While the past few months haven’t been easy on anyone, they leave behind positive reinforcement of the potential for digital information to advance patient-centred care in the province.