Optimizing ABJHI Research Intake to Intensify Research Efforts

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Since 2017, ABJHI’s research services have had oversight and guidance from two groups: a Research Advisory Committee and a Research Advisory Committee Executive. ABJHI recently completed an evaluation of its research-related activities through engagement with its stakeholders and has identified ways to improve the accessibility and expediency of the ABJHI research intake process.

The following changes have been implemented:

  • Research application fee is reduced to $500 CAD.
  • The Research Advisory Committee has been disbanded. The Research Advisory Committee Executive remains to provide expert council to ABJHI, as required, and to take an active role in promoting and identifying opportunities in relation to ABJHI’s strategic plan.
  • ABJHI will review applications internally. Should the scientific merits or approach of a project be unclear, the Research Advisory Committee Executive will be engaged. ABJHI endeavors to respond to applicants with a decision within two weeks of the completed application form and fee being received.
  • Data extraction requests are not required to fit within the identified priority research areas. Requests beyond simple data extractions must (e.g. analytic and/or project management services). Priority areas have been updated for 2021-2022. Research priorities are intended to define areas of need for urgent seminal knowledge.
  • An FAQ document on ABJHI data processes has been prepared to assist applicants in filling out required information for Research Ethics Board applications. The document will be made available upon request.

As before, data custodians of the ABJHI data repository may request their own data at any time, apart from the intake process. If the custodian wishes to link their data with data from other custodians, or have analysis completed for their data, the request will proceed through the research intake process.

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